Covid-19 protocols

There will be a camp-host set up at the entrance to capture all visitors for day use and campers (names, license plate information and contact information required to aid contact tracing) the camp-host will also be able to monitor the Elder’s trail access.

There will be another worker placed down at the location of the pools, to keep an eye on how many people arrive from either trail and how many are leaving.

Cleaning of the site will be done more frequently and our goal is to remove the garbage cans so that we have a better way of having visitors understand that “You pack it in, so you pack it out”.

Direct information will be posted clearly, before entering the site where everyone gets the same message.

If there are any violations or offences, that has an impact on the site or if there continue to be disagreements from guests regarding protocols the campsite will not allow any more campers.

If there are any complications with day users, then there would be recommendations to have the campsite and pools closed again, until some different resolutions can be brought forward.
with a total capacity of 20 people at or in the pools at any given time, there will be a time limit that the camp host will advise of …

  • 3 people at the top pool
  • 12 people in the middle pool
  • and 5 people at the end pool closest to the creek.

Be advised, changes to the Covid-19 protocols can change without notice.

Everyone, please respect your hot pool patrons, stay safe and have fun!